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  • EcoHead Sprayer Maintenance
    The spray plate should be cleaned regularly. EcoHeads are high pressure and the holes in the plates are tiny. They easily get clogged with sediment and hair products. The clogged holes causes them to spray in different directions. If they aren't cleaned, the pressure may cause the water to come out at the base of the head causing it to leak. Pressure may also build up and cause the black plastic ring to crack. Please remove the plate and soak it in vinegar overnight and use a soft toothbrush to clean the holes. CLR will also work. The filter at the base of the head should also be regularly cleaned of sediment. Unscrew the head, then unscrew the small filter piece and rinse it out. This will keep the EcoHead working at its optimal level.
  • Laundry
    The washers and dryers are free for tenants to use. Everyone is responsible to provide their own laundry detergent. Please put more than just a few towels and capes in to limit the amount of time others must wait. Clean the dryer lint trap out after you remove your laundry and pick up dryer sheets from the floor. Every tenant should promptly remove and take their laundry back to their studio rather than leaving it on the counters or in the baskets for days. If necessary, please come back to OMNIA and take care of your laundry rather than leaving it over the days you are not working. OMNIA is not responsible for lost towels or capes
  • Climate Control
    Every studio is equipped with a damper controlled by a wall switch. If the blue light is on, the damper is open and you will have air coming out of your ceiling vent. If it's Summer, it will be A/C. If it's Winter, it will be heat. Spring and Fall will be a mix depending on the time of day and temperature outside. When you press the switch (which is delicate - please don't hit it hard), it takes up to 2 minutes for the damper to close. You will probably hear a whooshing sound as it finally closes. You may also hear a whooshing sound when it first starts opening. OMNIA monitors the temperature remotely and has the system set to automatically adjust throughout the day. We default to being on the colder side due to the heat tools many are using. But, the large circulation fans on the units are almost always on. If you shut your damper because you are uncomfortable, you are shutting off all air flow in your studio even if the heat/air is not active. If you leave it closed all day, your studio may start to feel stuffy. OMNIA recommends a small fan to keep air circulating. Using a blow dryer can raise the temperature of your studio up to 7 degrees and it can take half an hour or more to cool back down. Opening your door while you use heat tools will help. We are dealing with about 75 different people across 2 locations and everyone has their own level of comfort. Please be aware that we try to reach a level of comfort that works for the greatest group of people.
  • Trash
    Dumpsters are located either behind the building (AF) or in the parking lot (PG). Do not place studio trash (including laundry detergent containers) in the laundry room or bathroom cans. Please provide your own trash bags. The bags in the laundry room are not for tenant use. Please do not leave your trash in the hall until you take it out. Keep it in your studio until you can remove it. Laundry room and bathroom trash is removed twice a week when the building is cleaned.
  • Color Processing Lounge
    The color processing lounge is for all tenants and subleasers. Please help keep the chairs free of color or bleach by wiping them down after your client. There have been times when a client got stains on their clothing from the back of a chair. If a bulb goes out, there will be extras in the cupboards in the laundry room. Please do not sit your clients on the bench across from the restrooms or the soft chairs in the halls for processing. This will help keep the walls and upholstered furniture clean.
  • Studio Cleaning and Maintenance
    OMNIA Salon Studios provides every new tenant with a clean and restored studio at move-in. After that, cleaning and most business activity related maintenance is the responsibility of the tenant. It is expected that studios are kept clean with regular cleaning of the floor, walls, counters, cabinets, interior side of the glass and vents. It is important that all color spills are cleaned up from the floor promptly as excessive staining will have to be repaired at tenant expense upon move-out. The floor stands up well to cleaning sprays with bleach and most stains can be removed with it. To limit the possibility of permanent stains, we strongly recommend you purchase a floor mat to go under your chair to protect the floor. If you have an exterior studio, please promptly clean color and other product splashes from the blinds. They hold up well to cleaning sprays but stains left on them will be harder to remove. Blind replacement is expensive and excessive staining that requires blind replacement will be at the tenant's cost. Shampoo bowls and sinks will become clogged with hair and product build-up over time. Maintaining them is the responsibility of the tenant as clogging is a result of the tenant's business activities. It is strongly recommended that tenants use a hair catcher in the shampoo bowl. It is also recommended that tenants regularly use a drain cleaner to keep the pipes clean. We recommend WHINK! Hair Clog remover which can be purchased at Amazon. Please clean EcoHeads regularly and according to the section found on this site. Should a tenant need a professional to clear the drain, they can either call a plumbing company of their choice and arrange for a drain clean out or landlord can be asked to call a plumbing company and arrange for it to be cleaned out. The cost will be billed to the tenant through the rent app. OMNIA will be responsible for fixing any equipment that fails such as leaking sinks or hoses, electrical issues, door locks, chairs or other equipment we provide. If breakage is due to tenant/client negligence or activities, the repair may be billed to the tenant.
  • Common Areas OMNIA/Tenant Responsibilities
    OMNIA will clean and maintain the common areas such as the halls, entry, bathrooms and laundry room. The building owner maintains the exterior of the building such as snow removal, exterior window cleanings and parking lot maintenance. The common areas are cleaned 2 times a week which includes vacuuming, mopping, cleaning the bathrooms and laundry room. This work is performed by an outside cleaning company. OMNIA has the carpets professionally cleaned 3 times a year. At least once a year, tenant access will be unavailable on a Sunday to allow the carpets time to dry as an extraction process will be used. We will give at least 2 weeks' notice through the app when this is scheduled. Building access may be turned off that day so that no one may enter. It is the tenant's responsibility to clean up after themselves if they or their client spills liquids on the carpets. OMNIA will keep the building supplied with toilet paper, paper towels and liquid soap. It is a tenant responsibility to change the toilet paper when needed rather than leaving a roll on top of empty holders. It takes just a few seconds. Tear off the cardboard and then use your finger to push the spring to the side and the holder will come out. Please remove lint from the dryers and pick up dryer sheets from the floor in the laundry room. Wipe personal spills from the break room counter and microwave. Please throw away your uneaten food. We have often had food left for days on the counters and it starts to smell. Everyone cleaning up after themselves and their clients helps keep OMNIA clean and maintained for clients.
  • Tenant/Subleaser Responsbilities
    OMNIA occasionally allows tenants to sublease their studio. We allow just one additional person per single chair studio and just 2 additional people per double chair studio unless otherwise agreed to. Subleasers are the responsibility of the tenant. All subleasers and tenants must sign an expectations and code of conduct before the subleaser is given building access. All subleasers MUST have state/local business licenses and their own liability insurance in accordance with the expectations form they sign. Just as OMNIA has a responsibility to our tenants, tenants have a responsibility to their subleasers. Tenants will show subleasers how to lock/unlock the front doors, lock/unlock the studio doors, give them instructions on laundry usage, WIFI passwords, damper control, etc. Any issues the subleaser encounters must go to the tenant. If a subleaser cannot get the front door locked, the tenant may need to go to OMNIA to do it themselves. Subleasers do not have access to the internal GroupMe app or the notifications that come through the rent app. It is the responsibility of the tenant to pass any information on the subleasers that may affect them such as maintenance and cleaning. Failure to do so may result in a $50 fee if a subleaser enters when no one should be in the building. The footprints in the concrete right outside our entrance in Pleasant Grove are a result of the failure of a tenant to notify a subleaser that concrete work was being done and no one should enter the building. OMNIA reserves the right to charge a weekly fee for subleasers to cover the additional costs of utilities, maintenance and supplies. Occasionally, a subleaser will inquire about leasing a studio. OMNIA does not market to or interfere with a tenant/subleaser relationship so if that happens, we always make sure they have notified the tenant of their desire to change to a full-time studio. In most cases, we consider that a referral since the subleaser is looking for a studio of their own because they like OMNIA. The tenant may earn a free week for it.
  • Tenant/Landlord Communication
    If a tenant has an issue with their rent collection or a maintenance request, please text OMNIA at 385-450-8860. The GroupMe app is provided to tenants for communication with other tenants. Subleasers do not have access to the app and OMNIA generally will not use it as a form of tenant communication unless there is a video or graphic that needs to be shared since our app messaging system does not support that. Landlord generally does not read or respond to requests at the GroupMe app. Please do not use it as a place to file complaints or requests. It is a tenant-to-tenant communication tool. You can send OMNIA a private message, if necessary, through the GroupMe app and we will respond. But, we will not respond in the main chat. OMNIA will use the rent app messaging system for general announcements and other reminders that need to go to all tenants. If there is an emergency such as fire, unsafe people in the building or parking lot, robbery, etc, please call 911 before calling or texting OMNIA. As a business owner, you have the right to take care of such situations to protect yourself and your clients.
  • Mail and Deliveries
    OMNIA does not accept deliveries on behalf of tenants. That includes equipment and product deliveries. If you are having something delivered in a time window, please make sure you are there to receive it. Neither the landlord nor other tenants are responsible for packages left outside your studio door in the hall or in the laundry room. If a signature is required for delivery, please be there to sign for it. If mail comes to the OMNIA Salon Studios mailbox it will be delivered to your studio either slipped under the door or placed on the counter.
  • Disputes between Tenants
    Landlord will not get involved in tenant disputes unless there are lease violations. Please speak to another tenant directly and resolve complaints. Do not take them to the GroupMe app. Likewise, please address issues with OMNIA directly and do not take complaints to the GroupMe app. Likewise, Landlord agrees to not disparage any tenants to other tenants or on the GroupMe app. Professionalism is expected in all cases. OMNIA will deal with any contract violations while keeping the complainant(s) as anonymous as possible.
  • Building Access
    Please practice locking and unlocking the front doors with your phone app so that you aren't stuck in a situation where you need to lock or unlock it but can't. OMNIA generally keeps the business phone on between 8 am and 8 pm but is not always available to see requests for locking or unlocking the building. If you get a new phone, you must request access again. It will not transfer. Nor can you forward an email to someone else to use the access token set up for you. The email comes from ProData and often lands in junk mail. OMNIA's front doors unlock for the day at 8 am M-F after the first person comes in. If you come in at 7am for a client, they doors will remain locked until 8 am so you will have to let early clients in. They automatically lock at 8 pm M-F except on holidays like Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Halloween and New Year's Eve when they will lock about 6pm. The doors unlock at 8 am on Saturday and lock automatically at 6pm. The doors unlock at 10 am on Sunday and lock automatically at noon. These hours reflect the fact that the doors have been more likely to be left unlocked after these times on these days so we have shortened the hours to try to line up with usage. At no time do the doors just unlock without a tenant having gone in first. Please do not assume that you can arrive after 8 am without your phone access and just get in because the doors unlocked. Everyone is responsible for securing the doors and making sure they are locked. Never assume in the evening that there are still others in the building. Please walk around and check before leaving. If you are the last person to leave and the doors haven't locked, yet, it is your responsibility to secure them with your phone. This is why practicing during the day is so important so that when you are in this situation, you are able to lock the doors. The landlord is not always available to answer a request to lock them remotely and may charge a convenience fee after the first request. If you leave and the doors are locked, you still must turn around and make sure they have closed and are secure. We have had numerous times where a tenant just walked out the door and didn't turn back to make sure the doors closed and they didn't fully engage with the magnets and were left slightly open all night. Or, the wind was blowing and the door continued to blow open rather than closing. There is a $100 fine for not securing the doors. If you have subleasers or assistants, you are responsible for passing this information on to them and making sure they can properly lock and unlock the doors. Should a subleaser have trouble securing the door, they must contact you for guidance first and, if necessary, you may need to go help them with it. Do not ever prop open a door after hours for tenant access. Propping open doors may result in a fine.
  • Required Licensing and Insurance
    All tenants and subleasers are required to have their own State of Utah business registration, city business license and liability insurance as outlined in the lease contract. It does not matter that a subleaser is using a studio just a few hours a week, they must be a legal entity that is covered by insurance. In the event of a problem, OMNIA's insurance does not cover any tenant/client service issues nor does it cover a tenant who damages property through their own business activities. Estheticians may be required to contact the Utah County Health Department for additional requirements. The OMNIA facilities and studios have passed their requirements, but each Esthetician must provide the county with additional information about their own business.
  • Rent Collection
    Set up ACH Pay late fees if you don't Lock outs in 30 days Mondays and holidays Bank processing times My rent came out twice in one week Rent increases
  • At the End of Your Lease
    30 days' notice otherwise it automatically renews Put lease date on calendar Ending a lease early Finding a subleaser Getting security deposit back (no late fees, clean, nothing damaged) Annual Rent Increases
  • Referring Other Potential Tenants
    One week free for referrals
  • Studio Decor and Signs
    No candles or other combustible material like incense. No ads facing into the halls Nothing on the windows in exterior studios COst of wall repair Wall studs are steel May bring in your own chair if you have one you like Cabinets and mirrors are not removable or changeable Curtains/glass frost
  • Assistants
    Generally will not charge for them unless they are taking their own clients Studios are not electrically designed to have 2 blow dryers going at once. Assistants must sign code of conduct and expectations to get access to the building
  • Rent Increases
    OMNIA did not raise rent on any tenants for the first 2 years of being open. During that time, our own rent increased twice and the cost of utilities and maintenance also went up. Starting in 2023, there will be an annual rent adjustment for all renewing full-time tenants. OMNIA will notify tenants of their rent increase at least 30 days prior to their contract renewal. Every tenant will need to electronically sign a new lease that indicates the new rent at the time of renewal. Our goal is to keep the adjustments as reasonable as possible to make sure we are keeping up with our own increases. Security deposits will remain the same as was made at the time of the original lease.
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