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“The way to get started is to quit talking and start doing.”
​~Walt Disney~

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We Make It About You

Small businesses have always been our passion. There is nothing better than watching someone with a dream turn it into a successful business.


Not everyone can make a huge financial investment to start the salon they dream of, though. That’s where OMNIA Salon Studios steps in.  We provide you with a professionally designed space with all the conveniences and amenities you need for a fixed weekly cost.  


It allows you to make your dream a reality without the surprises and risks that usually come with running your own salon or spa. Your studio lease is an investment in your dream, not someone else’s.

Beauty Salon


Your hours are chosen by you.
Your prices are chosen by you.
Your services are chosen by you.

All or Everything (Latin)

Kim Guymon


Kim is the Owner of OMNIA Salon Studios. She spent 10 years as a business coach in the photo and memory industry where she helped women (and a few men) realize their dream of starting a small scrapbook retail or education business. She’s excited to bring her enthusiasm, skills and expertise to the beauty business.

She has been married to her husband, Mark, since 1987 and they have two adults sons and one beautiful red-haired daughter-in-law.


The salon studios are great value for the cost.

- Allison

I absolutely love having my own space at OMNIA Salon Studios!! Your potential growth with OMNIA is exponential..unending! I love the atmosphere here with the other stylists working on the same goals that you have. It really is a dream come true at OMNIA! And you can even call it a “dream team” because we are here to cheer each other on!! You have complete freedom and opportunity to grow your unique brand which is rarely found now days. It’s an opportunity of a lifetime. You would be on the path to success by choosing to have your own studio at OMNIA Salon Studios!

- Brittany

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